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Agus project

Photo: Lando Gimena

Inside one of the control rooms of the National Power Corporation's Agus hydroelectric projects.

National Power Corporation

The Maria Cristina Falls, plunging 320 feet high, is the main source of where the city gets its power needs. It was harnessed by the NPC by establishing the Maria Cristina Hydroelectric Plant (now called Agus VI) in 1950. It ushered in the era of industrialization and progress. It has two turbines, each capable of producing 200 megawatts of electricity.

Aside from the Maria Cristina hydro plant, NPC also has another plant downstream (Agus VII), just before Agus River meets Iligan Bay. Upstream, yet another plant, Agus III, is situated within Iligan. All the rest (Agus I, II and IV) are situated in Marawi City, Saguiaran in Lanao del Sur and Balo-i in Lanao del Norte, respectively. Together, they provide about 80 percent of Mindanao's power needs.

National Steel Corporation

NSC is one of the largest steel manufacturers in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean). Located on a 140-hectare area, its Iligan plant extends almost about one kilometer long along the highway in Barangay Suarez. NSC was established in 1962. At present, it has four main operating mills -- hot mill, cold mill, billet plant and the thinning line. Its products are billet, round and square steel, flat steel like hot- and cold-rolled coils and hot-rolled plates. NSC has a manpower of 3,800.

Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation

Located atop a hill in Assumption Heights, the company was founded in 1935 by the late Judge Guillermo B. Guevarra, originally as a family enterprise. It was then known as the Mabuhay Rubber Shoe Factory (in Manila). MVC, in its present location, was constructed in 1964 and was set onstream in 1965. The vinyl plant engaged in the production of liquid chlorine, poly-vinyl chloride (PVC), caustic soda and hydroelectric acid used in the manufacture of various industrial products like soap, dyes, textiles, insecticides, lubricants, explosives, polyesters, shoes and others.

MVC has a small park rimming a man-made lagoon bursting with color and life.


Photo: Robert Booc

Granexport Manufacturing Corporation

Granexport Manufacturing Corporation

Granex was founded in 1954 bearing the name Granex Philippines, then manned only by three personnel involved in the study of copra business feasibility and the coconut industry as a whole. Shortly after, it began to engage in copra buying and exporting.

In 1966, the management changed its name to Granex Corporation, short for "Grand Export." It put up around 20 copra-buying stations in the Philippines, and the copra brought from these stations are brought to Kiwalan in Iligan for milling. The products are mainly exported to the U.S., Europe, Japan and other parts of the world.

Granex produces crude oil and coco pellets. Lately, it the company decided to expand the crushing capacity of its Iligan oil mill from 500 to 1,000 metric tons, which it claims as the "Biggest Coconut Oil Mill in the World."

The plant is situated in Kiwalan, nine kilometers from the city proper.

Pilmico Foods Corporation

Photo: Robert Booc

PILMICO Foods Corporation

Pilmico Foods Corporation

Pilmico is primarily engaged in the manufacture of wheat flour and its related products like wheat pollard, wheat germ and dry yeast.

Aboitiz and Co., which thought of venturing into the flour milling business, was the very original incorporator, later joined by the Soriano Group of Companies and finally the Pillsbury Company of Minneapolis, MN.

The dainty structures that stands six storeys high attractively poses on a wide lawn guarded with ball-shaped agoho sentinels surrounding the complex. The main structure that stands close to the sea has port facilities that make the Kiwalan cove as a nostalgic sight to foreign vessels berthed in the cove.

RCP worker

Photo: Robert Booc

Ensuring product quality at the Refractories Corporation of the Philippines.

Refractories Corporation of the Philippines

RCP is owned by the National Development Company, Alcantara and Sons, Toyo Menka Kaisha Co., Ltd. and Mino Yogyo, one of the largest and oldest refractory producers in Japan. RCP's refractory products include burned bricks, unburned bricks, monolithic refractories and basic refractory bricks.

It was established in 1977 to manufacture basic refractories, materials that are vital to many industries. RCP has its own research and development facilities and is in constant conference with foreign consultants to continuously improve and develop refractory products so that its customers can be served better.

Recently, the RCP expanded to embrace the production of ceramics raw materials used for ceramics products.

Sprawling on a hill that is a stone's throw away from the beckoning beach of Mapalad, it is the first industrial plant motorists see upon entering the boundary of Iligan City from Misamis Oriental. Colorful with bright flowering bougainvilla hedges, the RCP complex also includes a guesthouse.


Photo: Robert Booc

Maria Cristina Chemical Industries

Maria Cristina Chemical Industries

MCCI is the first and only carbide producer in the Philippines. It was organized in 1952 as a bold venture into the area of electro-metallurgy. MCCI produces two basic types of electro-metallurgical products -- calcium and ferroalloys, such as ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, silicomanganese and silico chrome. It also produces acetylene black for the battery industry.

Part of the complex is a pier capable of handling raw materials and finished goods; the country's largest acetylene generating plant, which serves the vinyl chloride monomer plant of MVC (which is adjacent to MCCI); a lime kiln to supply in-house requirements for quicklime; a drum plant that manufactures export packing requirements of the company; a reductant storage facility; the all-important laboratory complete with modern equipment and three furnaces.


ICC workers

Photo: Robert Booc

An ICC worker hauling cement bags.

Iligan Cement Corporation

ICC is one of the top 10 cement manufacturers in the country. Established on February 19, 1971 by Conrado Alcantara, this company is the 16th cement processing plant to be established in the Philippines and the only local cement firm with an automatic loading system for bulk cement and clinker exports.

ICC manufactures two types of cement: premium and rockland pozzolana. Its products are sold to both foreign and domestic markets. This is distributed all over the land and is selling satisfactorily with Market Developers, Inc. (Made) facilitating the distribution. Premium cement enjoys a stronghold in the market of Indonesia, Bangladesh, Australia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. It exports to the Middle East, too.

It is one of the plants in the Kiwalan industrial center.

San Miguel Corporation - Iligan Coconut Oil Mill

The Ilicoco is one of the two copra solvent extractions plants in the city. It was established in 1975, situated in Sta. Filomena.


Robert Booc

The Mindanao Portland Cement Corporation

Mindanao Portland Cement

MPCC was established in 1962. It indulges in cement manufacturing.

Alsons Cement Corporation

This plant, formerly known as Floro Cement Corporation, is actually in Luga-it, Misamis Oriental, right outside the Iligan boundary. Many of its workers, however, reside in Iligan.

Filipinas-Eslon Manufacturing Corporation

Location: Sta. Filomena, 4.5 kms away from city proper
Year Established: 1977
Products: Extrusion pipes and fittings
Injection-in-house fittings
Fabrication fittings

Northern Mindanao Power Corp.

Location: Mapalad, 13 kms away from city proper
Year Established: 1993
Products: Power supply (diesel plant)

London Biscuit Company

Location: Santiago, 1.5 kms away from city proper
Year Established: 1980
Products: Assorted biscuits

Countryside Millers, Inc.

Location: Sta. Filomena, 7 kms away from city proper
Year Established: 1985
Products: Edible oil

Summa Alta Tierra Industries, Inc.

Location: Barina-ut, 4. kms away from city proper
Year Established: 1991
Products: Quick lime
Hydrated lime
Granulated (charcoal plant)

Iligan Light & Power, Inc.

Location: Pala-o, 1.5 kms away from city proper
Year Established: 1933
Products: Power supply

Southern Integrated Gases

Location: Luinab, 5.5 kms away from city proper
Year Established: 1963
Products: Oxygen
Acetylene Gases

Azkcon Metal Iligan, Inc.

Location: Tipanoy, 2.5 kms away from city proper
Year Established: 1992
Products: Angle bars
Tin Cans
School buildings (pre-fab)
Offices (pre-fab)

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