Scenic Spots

Maria Cristina

Photo: Robert Booc

Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Falls

The famous landmark of Iligan, located 8.5 kms away southwest of the city proper, is 320 ft. high and the veritable source of industrial life in the city. Its pristine beauty only seen today in old photographs has become a magical glow and an industrial lifeline through the turbines of the Maria Cristina Hydroelectric Plant, the first National Power Corporation's first of its six plants in the whole stretch of the Agus River. To see the falls in all its grandeur, arrangements should be made with the local NPC officials at its office in Ditucalan, 10 kms away. During times when there is more than enough water flowing in the Agus River, NPC opens the Maria Cristina Falls for a few minutes during Sundays.

Tinago Falls

Photo: Bobby Timonera

Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls

The falls located in Buru-un, 13 kms away from the city proper, is hidden in a deep ravine, cascading into a calm, deep and cool basin-like pool. It's deep, and one can't see anything below even with diving goggles. Swimming or just floating in it gives one a rare thrill. Actually, there's more than one waterfall. There's a main fall, and on each side are countless smaller ones, as though sprouting from everywhere. The span of these wondrous waters is so wide that it takes a super wide angle lens to capture all of them in one photograph.

The foliage around the body of water is overwhelming, just like the tropical forests you see in the movies. Across from the pool, in the foot of one of the smaller falls, there is a shallow cave that everyone attempts to reach. But getting there isn't easy because droplets of water hitting one's back feel like a thousand acupuncture needles.

Tinago Residence Inn

Overlooking the cascading splendor of Tinago Falls is the Tinago Residence Inn, conveniently located a few kms from city limits. Surrounded by tall palm trees and situated on an elevated area, Tinago Residence Inn makes an ideal venue for nature lovers and people who sincerely appreciate simple and elegant amenities, with fun and excitement included.

The resort has hermitage huts and suite rooms, function rooms and seminar facilities. It also has a restaurant, souvenir shop, children's playground, swimming pool, mini aviary and a mini zoo. You can set up tents in its wide camping grounds.

Limonsudan Falls

The two-tiered falls is the country's, probably Asia's, highest waterfalls, with a total height of 870 ft. The lower cascade alone is higher then Maria Cristina. It is in Iligan's eastern part, close to the boundaries of Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur. Situated in the hinterland barangay of Rogongon, it is 54 kms away.

Dodiongan Falls

Photo: Richard Tayrus

Dodiongan Falls

Dodiongan Falls

Located in Bonbonon, 14.5 kms away from the city, is a 65-foot high falls cascading down a concrete-like boulder. Its tranquil, cool water and lush vegetation is a real haven for nature lovers. The pool at the foot of the falls is very ideal for swimming.

Mimbalut Falls

Photo: Robert Booc

Mimbalut Falls

Mimbalut Falls

A not-so-high yet mighty falls with a drop of 90 ft. and a width of 18 ft. It is located in Buru-un, 11 kms from downtown. It provides a very enjoyable swimming spot, the water being so cool. Mimbalut is probably the most accessible of Iligan's more than 20 waterfalls, being just a few hundred meters away from the highway.

Timoga Cool Springs

Only 9 kms away, it is known for its cool crystal clear waters freely flowing downstream to a dozen or so swimming pools. Sheds, snack bars, cottages and lechon (roasted pig) stalls are available.

Iligan City Hall

The seat of Iligan's local government, built in 1957 on Buhanginan Hill, 130 ft. above sea level facing the downtown area. Buhanginan Hill is a favorite promontory for Iliganons for viewing the sunset or skyline of the city by night.

Laya Ancestral House

An old residential house of the Ubaldo Laya family built in 1935. Several VIPs stayed in this house, among them four Philippine presidents -- Manuel L. Quezon, Manuel Roxas, Elpidio Quirino and Sergio Osmeņa -- and US Ambassador Paul McNatt. During the Japanese occupation, this house was used as a hospital.

National Power Corporation Complex

The site of Agus IV Hydroelectric Plant, the spillway dam of Agus VI and VII. The NPC Mindanao Regional Center, which takes charge of the operation and maintenance of existing power plants, substations and transmission lines of the Lanao-Agus River Complex and the Mindanao transmission grid, staff houses for the executives and employees housing compound are also situated within the complex amidst landscaped lush gardens.

NSC Guesthouse

Photo: Robert Booc

The NSC guesthouse.

National Steel Corporation Guesthouse

Situated 200 ft. above sea level, it commands a generous view of Iligan Bay. The guesthouse provides a glimpse of Maranao influence, set in a beautiful landscape. it has a swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court and pelota court.


MVC Lagoon

Photo: Bobby Timonera

The MVC Park & Lagoon.

Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation Park and Lagoon

Located on top of a hill within the Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation plant site, the small park rimming a lagoon is a burst of color and life. Visitors can go boating.

Golf and Country Club of Iligan

A 9-hole golf course laid out on gently rolling low greenhills. Located in Barangay Tipanoy, 6 kms away from the city proper.


Photo: Robert Booc

Anahaw Amphitheater

Anahaw Amphitheater

Located at Buhanginan Hills in the southeastern side of City Hall. Probably the biggest open amphitheater in Mindanao.

Mt. Agad-Agad

For trekkers and mountain climbers, Mt. Agad-Agad awaits you. Approximately 1,600 ft above sea level, it is the highest mountain in Iligan. At the summit, the overwhelming panoramic view of Iligan gives you a total relief of your quite exhilarating hike.


Hindang Caves

A cluster of eight caves, big entrances and beautifully formed stalactites and stalagmites inside the chamber. 36 kms away.

Sadyaan Caves

Located in the deepest forest of Rogongon, remotest barangay of Iligan. It is a three-chamber cavern with stalactites and stalagmites that appear luminous to strangers. The cave is said to be inhabited by creatures from another world, which makes it sacred to the natives.

Hindang Cave

Photo: Robert Booc

One of the Hindang caves.

Other Caves

Bulalang Cave. It has a big entrance with long tunnel type chamber. Bats will welcome you upon entering the cave. 17 kms away.

Kabacsanan Cave. A narrow entrance that leads you to a wide chamber of the cave. 28 kms away.

Tabunan Cave. A cluster of eight caves, with narrow entrances. 32 kms away.

Matoog Cave. A cave with an underground spring that supplies water to villagefolk. 15 kms away.

Lirop Cave. Two clusters, one with a narrow entrance with big chamber and the other with big entrance and deep drop chamber. 20 kms away.

Bunawan Cave. A cluster of six small caves with small entrances. 23.5 kms away.

Lacub Cave. A cave with narrow opening and small chamber. 23 kms away.

Linanot Cave. A cave with a narrow entrance only the size of a man, which leads to a multi-chamber cave. 25 kms. away.

Mabuhay Cave. A three-clustered cave. 22 kms away.

Bacuetana Cave. It has a small opening with a narrow chamber. 17 kms away.

Pahina Cave. It has a small entrance, but leads you to a big chamber. 20 kms away.

Pugaan Cave. A cave with a big entrance that will lead yo to a big and small chamber. 12 kms away.

Paiton Cave. Situated in Barangay Bunawan, 23.5 kms away.

Ladi Cave. Found in Barangay Pugaan, 12 kms away.



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